Our Team


Bryan Henninger – President/CEO

Judy Henninger – Ambassador & Chaplain



Warren Henninger – Founder/Chairman

Remembering our beloved Founder, Warren A. Henninger - who modeled what it means to care and serve both the Ag World Family and our customers with excellence and compassion.

Warren will be forever missed as we gratefully carry on his legacy. To God be the Glory!

Corporate Team

Darren Burchill – CAO and General Counsel
Ruth Wu – CFO and China Director
Wendi Stark – Executive Assistant
Melanie Finch – Sr. Manager Organizational Development & Communications
Adam Finch – HR Manager
Cindy Alporque – HR Advisor
Amy Thompson – Payroll & Benefits Manager
Verna Zacharias – East Region QA Manager
Luke Switzer – West Region QA Manager
Jian Zhang – China Inspection Specialist
Hui Fang Yang – China Inspection Specialist
Pat Motschenbacher – IT Manager
Garrett Hoff – Software Developer
Steve Jones – Safety Manager
Jana Mahn – Accounting Assistant
Debby Smith – Payroll Specialist
Shonnie Peña – Office Assistant

West Region

Rob Hopp – Director
Aaron Glenn – North Basin Area Manager
Brian (Bo) Li – South Basin Area Manager
Jade Norris – Facility Manager
Minerva Garnica –Facility Manager
Priscilla Griffith – Facility Manager
Anthony Lind – Facility Manager
Kristopher Noga – Facility Manager
Jeana Lonzo – Facility Manager
Christian Fernandez – Facility Manager
Wyatt Steckler – Facility Manager

East Region

Chip Steckler – Director & China Operations Manager
Lynn Natuk – East Region Manager
Shawnna Dickson – Midwest CA Area Manager
Lisa Peters – Midwest USA Area Manager
Anthony Riassetto – Facility Manager
Greg Kipp – Facility Manager
Deanna Letkeman – Facility Manager
Brandy Wood – Facility Manager
Jackie Hanna – Facility Manager
Crystal Lebby – Facility Manager
Brandon Cook – Facility Manager